The DC5G Summit was launched this year because of the limitless potential of 5G for the entire telecommunications industry and the need for an event to bring terrestrial, fiber and satellite professionals together to discuss this potential in front of a powerful D.C. audience.

In case you missed it, the U.S. Senate just announced it is moving forward with a bipartisan resolution to support 5G and broadband technologies to create jobs, encourage innovation, and close the digital divide between urban and rural areas. This announcement couldn’t have come at a more relevant and integral time for the 5G rollout

U.S. Senators Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), and Brian Schatz, (D-Hawaii), introduced the resolution, which is also cosponsored by Sens. Cory Gardner, (R-Colo.), Maggie Hassan, (D-N.H.), Jerry Moran, (R-Kan.), and Gary Peters, (D-Mich.) The resolution would call for consumers in both rural and urban areas to have greater access to innovative technologies, including precision agriculture, telemedicine, and other Internet-connected applications and services that depend upon fast, reliable broadband connections.

From the U.S. Senate announcement - "The deployment of 5G networks is expected to begin in 2019 after official standards have been developed to define the scope of the technology. Potential benefits include three million new jobs, $275 billion in investment from the wireless industry, and a boost of $500 billion to the economy."

Join us at the DC5G Summit on Wednesday, October 11 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington (999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001) to learn more about this and other policies that could impact the worldwide rollout of 5G services. Visit the website at for the conference schedule, which features speakers from Ericsson, Samsung, Cisco, Google, AT&T and more!

Now is the time to be involved in the 5G discussion! Don't just react to change, be a part of it!

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Jeffrey Hill

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